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On book reviews

September 7th, 2008 · No Comments

I finished reading two books this weekend – one which made me feel, one which made me think. And I am going to blog about both those books.

But I want to make it clear that this is not a book review – I am not a literary critic, I have no formal education that relates to literature, I have only daily use knowledge of grammar constructs, English is not my first language, I do not watch television at all, I am vastly uninterested in celebrity slop (it is therefore somewhat hard for me to relate books to what many regard as popular culture).

I DO care about spelling and grammar though..if I make a mistake, I would like to hear about it. You can read this piece I wrote on Urbis – it expresses exactly how I feel about spelling and grammar.

What I intend to write about is what I felt when I read the book. Or how the book made me think. What it made me think. Entirely subjective, with entirely subjective ratings and a complete disregard for the formalisms of book reviews. If you want literary reviews – head over to the Guardian or New York Times.

OK ? Then read on.

My goodreads bookshelf can be found here.


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